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The ultimate goal of Ygnacio Dental and Orthodontics is to offer the best in comprehensive dental care. We strive to provide our patients the results and personal care they deserve! We are very proud and happy to boast a great patient rating on several review forums.

Feel free to read some of our reviews below and if you like what you see, schedule an appointment today!

"I took my three children to Ygnacio Dental mainly because of convenience in location, but I was very pleased with Dr. Cho, and how he truly takes the time and effort to build relationship with his patients. He is friendly and genuine, and the kids really picked up on that. I went back for my own cleaning, and he did it all himself, educated me on my treatments, made me feel like an intelligent patient, not just another case! Going to dentist actually felt pretty good!"

Abraham L. from Google

My family up North all go to Ygnacio Dental and they are extremely pleased with the service and attentiveness.

Dr. Cho and Dr. Park are attentive and dedicated to their patients.

Their front office is also very friendly and patient.

I went up there when I was up North and I was extremely pleased with their service.

Joon K. from Yelp

"Dr. Park was the most amicable and pleasant dentist I've ever had. She was thorough, explanatory, and insightful. Her dental assistant and secretary were also very friendly. The office was nicely situated and had a somewhat unique open floor plan that allowed a lot of natural light in.

Overall, I couldn't ask for much more in a dentist visit. I'll definitely be coming back!"

Mike P. from Yelp

Backstory: I am SCARED of Dentists. I don't know why it happened. It just happened one day back during my San Diego State rowdy college days out of the blue- Nice dentist man with the numbing agent injection aiming into my open mouth and BAM! Panic Attack-Scarred for Life. No fault but my own, because, well- I'm a weirdo.

FAST FORWARD to present day- I needed to see a dentist. My teeth felt old mainly because I felt old...So, of course my teeth felt old. My BFFGF recommends her dentist-Dr. Cho. In verbatim- "Go see Dr. Cho. Make sure it's Dr. Cho and not anyone else."  

3 visits, 2 deep cleanings and 1-ok-maybe-2-fillings later and I am impressed. Since then, I figured out I have a bad gag reflex. HAHA [Insert poorly thought out pervert joke here].

Dr. Cho is super smart! How smart!? He took care of me at a slight incline so that I wouldn't panic and gag while there were drills and tools in my mouth [insert suggestive sexual innuendo here].

I highly recommend him and his office! Everyone is SUPER FRIENDLY and Dr. Cho is personable, professional and VERY thoughtful.

Side Note: I know this is probably going to cost me a million zillion dollars but I want to go back and get rid of ALL of my old SILVER fillings and change them to the porcelain/bone color so my teeth are pretty again ;)

Thanks Dr. Cho and staff!

FINAL VERDICT- SEE DR CHO! Great dentist. See pics of office attached and LIKE THEM!

April M. from Yelp

Skillful young dentist with good communication. Notably willing to be flexible to work towards building her patient list. Highly recommended.

Lawrence F. from Yelp

The staff was friendly and helpful. appointments times are available that won't require leaving work in the middle of the day (6PM on a monday). so happy to meet a dentist office where i don't leave my appointment in a bad mood. or in pain. or having been pressured to spend a ton of $$$.

Alyson W. from Yelp

My entire family goes there and my 3 kids have no problem going to the dentist since we switched to Dr. Cho over 2 years ago. Dr. Cho is the kind of dentist who takes his time and makes you feel really important. He develops relationships rather than run in and out of the room for quick treatments. He is easy to talk to and his staff is very friendly and professional.

Bella C. from Yelp

Yes, I need to say how happy I am with Dr. Cho! He is always so friendly, cordial and nice. Also April is super nice and we always have stuff to talk about and laugh. My mom has also become a patient of Dr. Cho and we are very happy with this dental office!

Nessa O. from Yelp

Came here for a cleaning and a few cavities. Everything got fixed and I am very happy with the services. I will probably make this my personal dentistry from now on. I felt at home and very comfortable with the procedures and the doctor/staff. I am planning to go back for a ZOOM whitening;)

Ruxandra I. from Yelp

Yous were Fabulous. Considering I have a phobia for dentists, I didn't feel any pain during the process. It would be difficult to go to another dentist after this. I haven't been to one in years. I need more dental work done and will return to your practice soon. Thank You for making me feel comfortable.

Adrianne L. from DemandForce

Dr. Park was the most amicable and pleasant dentist I've ever had. She was thorough, explanatory, and insightful. Her dental assistant was also very nice. The office was nicely situated and had a somewhat unique open floor plan that allowed a lot of natural light in. Overall, I couldn't ask for much more in a dentist visit. I'll definitely be coming back!

Daniel P. from DemandForce

I love going to Ygnacio dental. The staff are friendly and treat you well. The Dentists come out to greet you and personalize the experience. The equipment is state of the art and I can't remember when I had such a thorough cleaning.

Allen G. from DemandForce

Very excellent experience. The best cleaning I ever had the atmosphere was welcoming and the dentist friendly and super efficient.

Marsha G. from DemandForce

I was very happy with my deep cleaning.

Kelly L. from DemandForce

Always an enjoyable dentist visit.

Benjamin T. from DemandForce

Top notch doctors. Friendly and accommodating staff.

Christine F. from DemandForce

Dr. Cho is great. Very Professional and polite. Danielle did a super job assisting the procedure.

Daniel R. from DemandForce

Dr. Parks is a very nice and a skilled Dentist. The Dental Assistant Danielle was very pleasant.

Daniel R. from DemandForce

My kids and I received top quality dental care. The staff is friendly and professional.

Katherine Z. from DemandForce

The hygienist and dentist are efficient and professional, but also very pleasant. I would highly recommend this office.

Noreen C. from DemandForce

Everything I encountered was positive ,professional and efficient . The Dentist was extremely thorough and and the staff was very welcoming

Marsha G. from DemandForce

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